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More foolness showed and while we're talkin .. what the hell is that light on my green bikini pic? God.. it seems that I have Betty Boop's shape!!!!!
And I can definitely say I have NOT ;)


Question number one: why the hell I keep on looking pale in pics even when i was actually tanned???
Question number two: where have I gain these tits it SEEMS I have got there.. if actuually I am as plate as a dish? ;)


Since one of the most huge success of the summer music is Moulin Rouge soundtrack "Lady Marmelade".. Andrea Stef and Flavio decided to celebrate it... erm...


This Lesbian version of Elli and Pam is a joke (poor Elisa!!) of course: you know.. they are two actresses after all, let's let them have their own fun ;)
Ah: the people in the restaurant were looking at us really strange then.. and guess whose was the idea?


Here Giancarlo and Flavio are kissing poor Stef (strange expression on his face but I can absolutely assure everyone he's STRAIGHT ;))
Now the fact is this: Giancarlo is an actor as well, so all is fine.. but Flavio????
Maybe Elli's effect are more tragic than we thought on his life?? ;)