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Another tradition in Gallipoli Summer is to go at the "Conca" and take race over karts :)
This year though we discovered also another place during a night race, where.. erm.. I risked to burn out since my long hair were in risk to get into the benz tank!
A race commissary stopped me while I was doing well and asked me to put hair in the helmet!!!
Argh.. so unfair.. ;)


As all time, you can see Elli plastic pose ;)
She is probably the most photogenical person I know.. and she knows it :)
eheh :)
she always dress also pretty hard for any race.. but how can she stand black long plastic trousers with 40 degrees??
Mystery :)


Me on the pit line.. aww.. to ride karts is beautiful (but this year I was pretty crap and calm.. and enjoyed several spinnings too!)


And this were me, Stef, Andrea, Sabrina, Flavio and Elisa ready to the night racing.. Elli was takin the pic while Pam was who knows were.. ;)
Out from kartdrome cos she was damn scared of it ;)!


At the structure with the night kartdrome there were lots of other things.. included a disco opened space.. and.. well.. before starting to put real music they were makin us shakin over stupid 80 songs, among which the infamous "GiocaJué", a trick song in Italian makin you dance while doing stupid gestures.. that was "spray"...
eheh :) Too funny :)