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At the agritourism the best thing you could have done at nights was to play pool in the pool room it was there.
For years and years I was feeling too crap and unapt to just try to play it, but there, don't know why.. I got inspired :)
Me and Nadia though stubbornly decided to make team by ourselves fighting all others, included Stef and Della teamed up with one another.
well... the last night we WON a game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are the champions, my friend ;)


The room aside the pool one was a sort of museum all fulfilled with paintings and sculptures.. and it was this ORIGINAL Manzł's sculpture as well.. didn't I look similar to her? :P
and.. if you don't know who Manzł is, well.. inform yourselves please :)
He's a great contemporary artist! :)


Notice the crap style ;)
I was famous there for assuming the most absurd positions.. once I even LAYED over the longest side of the pool for being able to reach the ball and I was wearing a skirt!!!!!!!...*sigh* :)
That night in particular I just mistook everything (see Nadia's face;) She was generally really good instead )


This was the first night.. and obviously to have hair all free wasn't a good idea at all :) :) :)
So long.. and so damn annoying in some cases as when I have to make a decent shot!


Della 's style instead was so great.. but HE was the one makin us win... putting the black ball in the pocket :) :) :)
And I... was not seeing the topic moment... due I was laughing my head out since the stupid shoot I had made before him!!!
(Me.. the Queen of "Two Shots"... for the OTHER team!