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The word of the Summer in CorteVecchia has definitely been "Two Shots!" said in the lovely Tim's Southern Brit accent :)
It's when you make a wrong shot in the game, givin to the one following you in the line two consecutive shots: unsurprisingly, that was the first thing he said to me after we met each other :P
In the CorteVecchia agritourism we met lots of foreign people, all of them doing also joga and having a very eastern type of holiday ..
they were so cute sitting in gardens for SIX hours and meditating... :)


The secret for getting better at whatever activities is keep on trying..
erm :)
so I was doing here, pity that you can clearly see how wrong was my shot from the direction of the ball compared to the stick position :P :P :P


Here is part of the foreign team in the background: great amazing Pia from New York (with Swedes origines!), Hans from Hannover and sweet Tim from Brighton.
No.. Stef's not part of the foreign team... aren't you darlin?
:P :P :P


In the pic aside, Jessica and Luca from Roma, the best couple at the pool :) she's a GREAT one in the game.. and who the hell knows how she was able to make good shots wearing those shoes she used to!! (Spice Girls high ones were NOTHING compared to hers;)!)

With them we shared also the Night Of S.Lorenzo Following Stars in the last night at CorteVecchia... I saw such a big one (and Luca too) it seemed Little Jesus Comet Star!!

It has been a GREAT time at the agritourism.. go in the final page of this site to get infos about the place :)
Next years they are gonna be even better and with more things in :)
I definitely plan to get back there as well!!!