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Tourist Infos


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Well, if you liked the idea about the places I went at, I'll give you some links about the Cortevecchia agritourism, Maremma location in Tuscany and Gallipoli and Salento best places :)
For everything, you can write me too :)
here's the addresses:)

The CorteVecchia Farm

Click and discover all about it and if you think... bookmark your next holiday: satisfaction guaranteed :)
And next year they are gonna have also a golf pitch , two other pools, tennis camps and squash ones :)
If you think it's enough.. ;)

Gallipoli's Beauty and Salento tips

And this is if you want to bathe into a dream and have a wonderful contact with funny and mad people..
One tip: there the girls of less than 18 years use to fake their age and BELIEVE.. you wouldn't guess how young they are (they are incredibly beautiful) BUT.. you could be in risk ;)
Cos there, once you have a girl that young, you've just to marry her ;)

Have fun!

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