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As anyone knows probably, I just adore horses: I always loved to ride them in Summertime especially, since I was 6 nothing has always been better than using a sunny afternoon (late one, cos on the major hotness the poor beasts would suffer) for climbing on their backs and see world from a different perspective..
so in CorteVecchia the main point in favour was to have the chance to be among horses...


The horses were freely all around us in the agritourism, and when i first relized this.. oh my.. i started to call my friends and scream for joy, so that they could have seen the lovely fourleggeds as well, without any constription.
Their reactions?
"Meli.. when will you stop to get excited for every little thing?"
Poor me.. :P!


My horse I always rided there is this one, called "Nuvola" which means "fluffy cloud".
She's similar to me, active and with a funny mood: but when it was time to run, no one was able to stay ahead to her :)
Oh.. During the first riding I got kicked on my leg by the horse of Nadia, called Spartaco (the only male one... and see that generally male creatures love me!).. read under this story of infamous so called "Disaster" Meli :P :P :P


This pic was taken to us from a gentle lady givin me the pic after :)

So.. talkin about my injury: I was actually lucky cos I got just a superficial abrasion, while a good kick could have broken my leg in ten thousands pieces.. as soon as I realized that, I just climbed back over Nuvola and felt happy and lucky.. Nadia was so shaked I had to pray her to no worry and see the good side of it all, then I just started to ride again: no way that something like that could stop me, though for some days my leg was horrid to be seen, all coloured in purple and blue.. :P

Spanky, our chief guy in riding (it's a nick of course.. ) said :
"I've never seen such a strange girl as you are: you just climbed back and ride while all others would have got freaked out and cry.."
and I:
"Why the hell cry if I was actually lucky? My leg still entire, so why lose time when I can ride over these wonderful hills?"


In the Tuscany Countryside we were at it's full of ancient PreRomans tombs as well.
They were made also by the mysterious Etruschi people, and we went to visit some of these monuments in a forest near to Sorano.
Also the thermal natural surge of Saturnia (water as hot as hell coming out and forming a pool and a waterfall) is near to CorteVecchia, but the smell of egg that place holds.. was untekeable by me ;)!


That cavern we surface from is one of the tombs .. but some others I didn't scan the pic of were made as proper temple, with big columns and a general feeling of puissance surrounding them...
Really, if you can.. get visit Maremma: you'll love it entirely :)