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This year we've finally menaged to have a sort of different type of holiday: it was quite some time that with the Lodi's creek we were planned to stay at an agritourism and then (since I personally couldn't live without) getting after it only at sea, like all years, (at beautiful Gallipoli one).
So we went for the first week of August at "CorteVecchia" agritourism placed in Semproniano, Tuscany.
I would love all world get there, it's so beautiful and relaxing...
look :)

Agritourism villa

CorteVecchia is a master structure: it's more than 23000 (!!)hectares and it's placed over hills covered from coltures, woods, and old houses of farmers.
The main structure for the tourists was this villa, a big place with all rooms perfectly saved from time, fulfilled of ancient furnitures and of many TRUE paintings and sculptures from ancient times and famous artist (Picasso's things as well were there!)
Another tip: all rooms were dedicated to a particular period of Theathre and were in that epoque style and with infos of famous people from 800 to 900 stages .
Cool :)

Agritourism Swimming Pool

This is me with back to me the swimming pool which was there for saving us from hotness of afternoons :)
On the horizon you could be able to see (not probably due to the terrible focus on my camera) Tuscany sea and Argentario headland, gently showing itself in the morning light and making everyone's hearts feel happy to live.
Beautiful sights can be so powerful...

Della Nadia Stef in S Fiora

Every morning we went to some artistical and interesting place all around the zone we were at.
All the Countryside is just covered with ancient little towns of a stunning breathtaking beauty and one of the best for me, Nadia Stef and Della was this one, named Santa Fiora.
A bunch of perfectly outstanding at times Middle Age houses and a Castle are placed there over a rock, and all down it develops the sweet town of this period, without breaking the smooth elegance of the ancient side of it.
We went also lunching at a fantastic restaurant, not posh but definitely with a chef who knows perfectly how to satisfy his customers :)

Me At Piccolomini Castle

I have conquered the rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well.. not really :) but have that Castle back me was a great feeling.
In the trees around the Castle I saw many amazing and BIG butterflies of the Vanessa species... they were as big as my hand (which is little) ; pity that my mates were just not so into looking for butterflies as I was :)
"Meli? Come on, let's leave this damn forest.. it's cold!"
*sigh* :P