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Various images to get in the madness of Southern Italy life... and the colour of the sea is just one millions times better in reality than you can imagine...
It's better than Caribbean one, no kidding :)


Flavio is Elli's boyfriend and Sabrina's brother and well.. you can think he was making fun here.. but it's not THAT easy to be Elli's boyfriend and remaining sane of mind!!!
These are the tragic effects on a decent personality of sharing almost two years with mad Elli ;)


To bathe in this sea as clear as a dream is just a magic kind of experience.
I was always doing swimming there in the two weeks and just feel like a marmaid: and without any sub mask you were able to see the sand down under water, and the fishes no matter if it was 30 meters deep :)
WOW :)


Parabita is a sweet little jewel town near to Gallipoli with this beautiful "arabian feeling" castle on a rock :)
Also watching the houses there may let you feel in some African place: all houses have a white, plate roof and they put one over the other almost looking for some shadow in the hot summer sun there...
ahh.. I love that place :)!


During one of our nights we went at a mega gig with a dance festival included in Melpignano ( a town with ancient Greeks traces): the type of dance is called "Pizzica" which means more or less "pinched, hitted" (in this case, by a tarantula spider, which could explain the way you have to move, like a trancey one, for making this dance)
It was a great thing: all people of ALL generation (it's a traditional dance, a cross between africans, greek and arabian rythm, but believe me it's impossible not to try to dance it :)!) were dancing there this way, and the gig was hold by 75 instrumentists and singers for.. 10 hours!!!!!!!!