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And now.. let's celebrate the people who have made my sea holidays amazing as usual... but everytime a little bit more than the previous times :)
Luv you all !!!! :)
Thanx :)


These two adorable and sweet ladies are the GrandAunt (is it English? Don't think so ;)! sorry) and the Grandmother of Stef, who kindly made my stay in Puglia perfect another time.
I would like to come to their age as smart, fresh, and present under every way as they are :)
See you next year!


Elisa and Sabrina dressed in opposite Milanists colours.. well: Elisa IS milanist but Sabrina is a Juventus supporter.. how can she stand the enemies colours?
I am kidding: they are lovely as always :)


Sweet dancers/actresses/perfect girls Elli and Pam showin us how fun can be dancing around :)
Yer so shining girls! :)


Flavio watches Elli and Pam's tender hug :)
awww.. I just find Pam's eyes so incredibly mellowing :)
18 years old and all sugar is around her :)
And she luckily felt good with us older people (yeah.. I know, this sounds horrid.. how can I feel old at my age? well.. I DO :P! And anyway the elder one was Flavio, 30 years old but damn great anyway!)