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So after a week me and Stef moved to his Grandmother town at sea for enjoying the usual time there (that poor lady has been forced for years to host practically All of Lodi's Creek... :)
I love her, you'll see :)


This year I was pretty proud of me so I someway regret to not have taken more pics in this outfit :P

I just can advice everyone to be happy and do gym , cos they are the two secrets of a good shape.

I had a year totally fantastic and I had the most regular plan of phisical activity there: that's the result and so.. Go to my Sporty Section and learn: everyone!!!! ;)


This is the female crowd this year at Gallipoli Sea Holiday :)
We are the best so it's enough said:)
From left to right, Elli (a complete artist and a mega girl: she's a singer, and actress and one of the most nice person ever)
Pamela ( a new lovely entry brought by Elli: just as sweet as sugar!)
Me (you have had enough of me so ...)
Sabrina (a beauty with a perfect music taste: she loves David Sylvian: do I have to say more?)
and Elisa ( be with her and you'll find a person with so many qualities it's unbelievable:) )


Marco (Stef's brother) and Andrea before playing at night a calcetto match.. pity that they didn't actually due to some other team literally stealing their one the place.. Oh well... ;)


Me and Stef facing all the rest of the people while waiting for a pizza: the face of Stef comes out from my constant whineing about the will of the pizza :P
I could eat just tons of it!!!
Poor Andrea discovered that night (he was sitting aside Stef) that I don't have problem in stealing pieces of it out to anyone :P :P :P
So from that night one the cute guy (he's Sabrina's boyfriend) he was always offering me part of his pizza everytime he was takin it :)
awwwwww :)
Thanx man :)