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Stars and Legends Up There
Orione and the Scorpio

The Giant killed by a little creature


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Orione's constellation is a very rich one as well:its main star is called Betelgeuse, which means "the shoulder" in Arabian, and which is none less than 400 times bigger than our Sun.
Another stunning object in the constellation is the nebulas M 42, in the so called "knife's" of Orione.
Orione's constellation is also surrounded by interesting other ones as Unicorn, Major and Minor Dog and it's near also to the Rosette Nebula, code name NGC 2244, which is actively producing gases destined to be a nursery for new stars.

Also the Scorpio constellation is a source of delight for the eyes:the alpha star there is called Antares, whose diameters is 700 times (!!) that one of our Sun. If instead of Sun we had in the Solar System Antares, well Mercury, Venus, the Earth and Mars would have been taken into the body of the star itself.
Antares name derives from its wonderful red colour, which was making it rival under the eyes of Greeks with Ares planet (Mars), coloured in red as well, and from that it came the name: "anti ares", against Ares, therefore Antares.


Aside, Scorpio constellation configuration; up above, Orione's one

Below, a pic of the Rosette Nebula


Orione was a Gigantic hunter, son of Sea God Poseidon, handsome and extraordinary strong.
He married firstly Side, so awesome and proud that Era made her die for jalousy since she
couldn't stand no one better looking than her. Wifeloss Orione started to walk around places, and
being in various adventures , all implying love with Goddes or beauties.
His dead came once he tried to rape Artemis, Virgin Goddess of the Moon and of Haunting, whom sent to
him a scorpio which pinchin him on the ankle made him die.
For having made this favour to Artemis, the Scorpio became a wonderful constellation and so Orione
went so as well: that's why Orione's constellation is always running away from Scorpio one.


The Nebula of Orionis named M 42, with its peculiar colour blossomed from the gases remained after a supernova's explosion