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Stars and Legends Up There
The Swan

The big Crux up in the Summer sky


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The Swan is one of the most beautiful Summer constellations: its shape of a big crux makes the seeing of it really easy, and it reminds of a big flying swan withthe neck lenghten on the longer side of the crux, and the tail on the shorter side, with the alpha Star of the whole lot there, Deneb, which means "tail" in Arabian.
At the opposite side there is the Beta star, called Albireo, which means of course "beak" and which is one of the most sparkling double star of the sky.
Between Deneb and Albireo there's another wonderful star, Schedir, which means "Chest", a supergigantic star far away almost 550 light-years from us.
The Swan constellation is also fulfilled with amazing nebulosas and crowding stars, a true spectacular thing to be seen with any optical tool.

There are many heroes named Cicno (Swan) in the greek mythology so I'd pick up one of them to fill this space.
Cicno was a Ligurian King who was a caring friend of Fetonte, son of the Sun.
When Fetonte , unaware of his origines , learnt he was son of the Sun he asked the father to let him lead the Wagon of the Sun. After many hesitations, the Sun agreed and let him lead the wagon; but the young was scared of the wideness of sky, and got freaked of the animals of Zodiac up in that darkness so he descended too much risking to burn out the Earth: Zeus, even if regretting it, was forced to kill him with one of his thunderbolt.
Cicno, destroyed from the news, started to cry so many tears he created a fload: Zeus then moved by this friendship transformed the King in a swan (which explained why the swans have got that sad melodious chant when they die) and when he died he took it up in the sky for celebrating the power of friendship