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Stars and Legends Up There

In the Taurus' tail there are seven blinding stars...


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For finding the Pleiadis you'll forcedly are gonna meet the wonderful Taurus constellation, one of the richest star objects of the whole sky.
In the Taurus constellation there is the majestic Aldebaran, a Red Giant Star whose name means "Eye of the Taurus", and which is 150 times most sparkling than our Sun.
The Pleiadis are instead a crowding bunch of stars in the "tail" of the Taurus, and its code name in astronomy is "M 45".
Another object there dignified of a major notice is the Crab Nebula, a wonderful residual of a supernova explosion which happened in 1054.


The fluffy looking Nebula of the Crab


The stellar mass of Merope, one of the Pleiadis' stars

Pleiadis were seven sisters, gifted with eternity and taken in the eponimous constellation.
Their names were Taigeta, Elettra, Alcione, Asterope,Celeno,Maia, Merope, and they were daughters
of Atlante, the Giant holding the whole Earth over his shoulders, and of Pleione.
All the Pleiadis were married with Gods but one of them ,Merope, whose star is actually then
the less brilliant of the lot, and who was taken as wife by Sisifo, feeling deeply ashamed for
One day that the Pleiadis with their mother Pleione were harassed by the mighty hunter Orion, who fell
immediatly in love with them and who, for five years, kept on running back to catch them, till Zeus saved them
taken them in the sky.
It's also told that one of the sisters, Elettra, who was creating the genesis of Troianus, when
Greeks destroyed Troia went so desperate that she fell fom sky and became a comet star.