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Stars and Legends Up There
Cassiopea and Andromeda

A too proud Queen and her brave daughter saved from death by a sailing hero


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To find Cassiopea's constellation is truely easy: its peculiar "W" shape makes it so immediate.
It's good to watch there with a binocular cos it's fulfilled of nice objects being on the road of MilkyWay.
its main star is named Scdir, and very sparkling is also the beta star , named Caph.

The object most famous of Andromeda is indeed the eponimous galaxy, named also in code "M 31", an endless stars town which is far away from us 2300000 light-years: it's the only galaxy in the North sky emisphere which we can see with naked eye.


Aside, Andromeda's configuration; up above, Cassiopea's one with the characteristical "W" shape


The infamous Galaxy M 31 named Andromeda, the most known one and the easiest to catch with naked eyes too

Cassiopea is Andromeda's mother: full of pride due to her own beauty, she dared to
rival against Nereidi, deities of Seas and they asked to Poseidon, God of Water to give them a fair vengeance,
which came out as a sea monster sent by him apt to destroy Cassiopea's Reign. For making the monster stop his ruin,
Cassiopea was forced to make her daughter being offered as sacrifice to the horrid creature.
Perseo saw the awesome Princess chained to the sea rock while being with the Argonauts on sea and immediatly
fallen in love with her, he set her free and saved her from a sure death.
Then Gods decided to take the life of Cassiopea but to give her an eternal shape transforming
her in constellation.