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Stars and Legends Up There

That well seable quadrilater in the sky as the wing of the fabulous horse


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It's not difficult to find the Big Quadrilater of Pegasus; but if you think you cannot, then do like this:starting like usual from Dubhe and Merak, the guiding stars of Major Bear, and leading ahead the alignement which takes till the Polar Star, you may come to Scheat star, the beta star of Pegasus, one of the four stars which create the big quadrilater (the fourth star there is actually Sirrah, the alpha star of Andromeda's constellation).

The other two stars of it are named Algenib (which means in Arabian "horse's wings") and Markab (again in Arabian, it means "saddle")


Pegasus is the winged horse which takes part in several legends, mainly Perseo's one and Bellerofonte's.
the name is derived from the greek word which means "spring" and it was told he was born at the source of Oceans,
as soon as Perseo was killing Medusa the Gorgon, with head covered of snakes.
Some said he was escaping from the Gorgone's neck traunched by Perseo, or from her blood
touching the Ground Goddess. As soon as born, Pegasus flied on the top of Olympus Mountain
and offered his services to Zeus, who gave him the mission of carryin on his thunderbolt.