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My Artwork Album Part 3


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A drawning postworked in PS :)
I am very linked to it, so much, there's even a poem relate to it that I wrote myself.


Slowly we're running
throught silent paradises of loneliness,
Where all green fades into yellow and blue,
where horizon enlarges
till it becomes a warm hug.
Feeling like we're going nowhere,
after meeting from anywhere;
Feeling like deers walking into paths,
hiding, then lookin for the sun.
I want to stop this time,
I want to wait for a new day to come,
while we're passing throught this forest...
I want to fade your blues,
I want to touch your nude,
cos you can keep me alive,
givin me my best reason to shine.
Suddenly the lady stops her walk,
undecided if she'd take our shot,
You smile and all just gets into its place,
and birds are arising like millions of flames.
I don't know,
I'm here feeling so flawless,
Feeling like I just
could die and re-born...
Oh yeah, I want to stop our time,
Waiting alongside you this new day to come,
Waiting for all the joy you and me can share,
After us,
blessed lovers met from anywhere.
I want you to chase my blues,
like you always did,
you so pure,
And I'll make you feel alive,
till you won't feel
how much by yourself you'd be able to shine...