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How to judge songs and sing | The Lake Of Swans
Music and Ongoing Vibes Floating

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Around the end of Middle Era musician felt the need of codifying a new method
to write music so that everyone could have been able to understand other's compositions.

The "Temperate System" divided then the middle eight in 12 semitonic intervals.
This is anyway a pure code since there are so many more notes ableto be played, but that's the
reason for instance some notes bemollis and diesis although are different even in the name are
played the same over a piano.

Just for starting, I am gonna delete immediatly one of the FAQ many have about music: what is
the way to distinguish the fastness of it?

This is thenumber of pulsating the different pattern of fastness have:

Number Of Pulses by Minute Andamento(Fastness)
40/52 Large
52/60 Lento(Slow)
60/69 Adagio
69/84 Andante
84/100 moderato
100/120 allegretto
120/144 Allegro
144/160 Vivace
160/184 Presto
184/240 Prestissimo

This values mainly for normal pop songs, and as all know values mainly for classical
music. The sinth pop and electronic music as techno or progressive trance "hypnotized" literally
people by using way faster rythms than "prestissimo", which fasten that much the heart beating
you get enraptured like in a trance, so the name of the genre is not given out by case.
Do not be surprised if I am gonna talk of electronic muisc alongside classic one:
in this space we are gona talk about music under so many different sights, so enjoy!

Me playin piano
Playin piano

The ancient philosopher Lucio Samosatis used to describe so the skills of a dancer:

"He has to be able to imitate the fluidity of water,
the vivacity of a flame,
the ferocity of a lion,
the anger of a pardus,
and the movements of the leaves over a tree passed by wind"