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Sentences of Wiseness and Foolness


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"I fanciulli trovano il tutto nel nulla,
gli uomini il nulla nel tutto"

(Children can find everything in nothing,
Men can't find anything in everything instead)

Giacomo Leopardi, Zibaldone

"Opera naturale ch'uom favella
ma cos o cos, natura lascia
poi fare a voi secondo che v'abbella"

(It's natural thing then for man to talk
but in which way we don't know, since Nature
lets anyone practice it the way he prefers)

Dante Alighieri, Heaven 26, 130-2

"Ut enim adulescentem in quo est senile aliquid,
sic senem in quo est aliquid adulescentis probo;
quod qui sequitur, corpore senex esse poterit,
animo nunquam erit"

(As I dig the young having something of the old one,
likewise I dig the old one still somewhere young inside:
who follows this rule will get maybe senile in his body,
but never his soul will get too old)

Cicero, De Senectute

Wise words are maybe never as wise than when they sound fool somewhere, and you feel your soul and brain react to them as when you are young, you fail knowing you do and you expect the rebuke of your dad