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cats and art

Ancient Egyptians thought of them as Gods...
and I think the same nowadays!
Welcome in my Temple for felines :)

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this is the pet creature I've loved as no one else.. and no other one will be loved so by me...
my Micia... can you rest lovely above in Pet's Heaven my sweetie (L)
She was killed by a car in 1999, that horrid September, but she lives in me still.


One of my Micia's kittens was so beautiful I named him Roby :) after Roby Baggio.. eheh !
The other one is called Priska and it was taken by my friend Claudio. :)


I am and always was and forever I am gonna be fascinated from cats beauty and their undefinable magic they sparkle around to everyone who can feel it.
I've never find nothing so pleasant to be hold, and as finally all ethologyst are starting to admit I've always believed that actually cats can love their owner way more than dogs.
The difference is just that dogs are forced to love their owner since by instinct they identify it with the Chief of their pack, while cats are independent and when they love you, they love you cos they choose so and recognize you're okay for them.
Well, I've never liked to be loved cos someone "has to": so it's clear why I prefer cats to dogs (though I love all pets, you know :) )







pics of me with cats (and cats alone) of people I deeply love and feel affection for




Whenever I see a cat, I try to get in touch with him :)
I start to make all sounds they do, and generally they reply to me.. Cat's language is not difficult to understand in the basis of it, though it's way more complex one can think.
But when a cat has got semi opened eyes and watch you softly (almost smiling) withears relaxed and towards you, and with no moving of the tail, then he's saying to you he likes you: do the same, and he will adore you!
*Prrrrrrrrrwww* :) :) :)