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cats and art

cats and art

The great Baudelaire wrote many poems about cats: he was in love with their "Mystic power" as he wrote here too and many times the elegance of the beasts was just a way to glorify a sexy woman he fell for.
But read some of his words, and you would never see cats as before having doing it...

Les chats

Les amoureux fervents et les savants austères
Aiment également, dans leur mûre saison,
Les chats puissants et doux, orgueil de la maison,
Qui comme eux sont frileux et comme eux sédentaires.

Amis de la science et la volupté,
Ils cherchent le silence et l'horreur des ténèbres;
L'Erèbe les eût pris pour ses courriers funèbres,
S'ils pouvaient au servage incliner leur fierté.

Ils prennent en songeant les nobles attitudes
Des grands sphinx allongés au fond des solitudes,
Qui semblent s'endormir dans un rêve sans fin;

Leurs reins féconds sont pleins d'étincelles magiques,
Et des parcelles d'or, ainsi qu'un sable fin,
Étoilent vaguement leurs prunelles mystiques.



Fevered lovers and austere thinkers
Love equally, in their ripe season
Cats powerful and gentle, pride of the house
Like them they feel the cold, like them are sedentary

Friends of science and sensuality
They seek the silence and the horror of the shadows
Erebus had taken them for its funeral coursers
Could they to servitude incline their pride.

Dreaming, they take on noble postures
Great sphinxes stretched out in the depths of emptiness
Seeming to fall asleep into an endless dream.

Their fertile loins are full of magic sparks
And nuggets of gold like fine sand
Vaguely bestar their mystic pupils.


Ancient Egyptians as many know were really keen at cats: for them they were useful for preserving bleed from mice and so they immediatly started to worship them as god creatures.

As usual , many deity of a shape of beasts were positive in feminine genre and negative in masculin genre (as deity of a shape of crocodiles or lion)

The deity Bastet , with head of a beautiful black cat was identified probably with the good power of Sun.

In The Louvre museum then you could see Egyptians were so keen at their little cats they used to mummify them... and the results is even funny ( some of the cats mummies are just lovely...)


Bastet, The Cat Goddess

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